Body Say Music Video* to Promote Sexability

* Video not available on mobile.

This is the first big project I did as a sexability advocate. For a while before I shot this video, I was really getting tired of the misconceptions around sex and disability. I was also really tired of the fact that people only saw me as “cute and innocent” and kind of just not interested in things an average 22 year old was interested in.

I was talking to my friend Morgan one day about this and about this song. We came up with this idea. It was originally just supposed to be the two of us but then she asked “Do you want me to ask some of my burlesque friends to join us?” HELL YEAH!

I was kind of surprised, and touched, by how many people were willing to take the time to be a part of this and how they were all very into it. It was amazing working with them. It was such a good group of people.

Most of the feedback I received from this was positive. People reached out to me and said how awesome it was of me to advocate about this issue. For some people, I think it really opened their eyes.

As expected, I also got a few negative comments. They were from family members who are catholic and very like, proper. I ignored these comments, but in the back of my mind, it bothered me a little. However, I focused more on the positives than negatives. I would much rather people know me for me than have the false perception of me.

Every part of this project – before, during and after – was amazing. It felt amazing and my confidence grew tremendously.

Special thanks to Morgan Joy, Bianca Boom Boom, Trixi Jones, Ivory Conover, Johnny B. Goode, Belle Jumelles, Bobby Knauff, as well as Carly McHugh who shot the video.

The song is Body Say by Demi Lovato.

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