I’m Jessie Vee, also known as Jessica Victoria. I am 23 years old and live in Ontario, Canada. I am a mental health, LGBTQ+ and “sexability” advocate.

When I say sexability, I’m referring to the fact that everyone, including people with disabilities, can have sex. There are so many misconceptions about this topic, including the misconceptions that we are innocent, asexual, and/or can’t have sex. These misconceptions frustrate me a lot.

Last year, I got together with one of my friends and a bunch of burlesque dancers and made a music video to “Body Say” by Demi Lovato to shatter the stigma. This opened some eyes and lots of people loved it. While doing it and afterward, I felt really comfortable and loved showing the side of me that not many people knew existed.

After that, I started thinking of more ways to advocate for sexability. The next month, I did a boudoir photoshoot. After that, I really just started to educate myself, educate others and answer questions on the topic.

This is only a small part of me, though. Most of my life is dedicated to mental health advocacy and those I love. I have another blog I started in 2014 called Staying Strong 24/7. I am also in the process of writing a book.

On the FAQ page, there are answers to questions I’ve been asked, as well as questions I came up with that I think people should know the answer to.

On the Resources page, there is a list of websites, articles, videos, books and movies about sex and disability.